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This edition of Thierry Groensteen's The System of Comics makes available in English a groundbreaking work on comics by one of the medium's foremost scholars. The author explores the nineteenth-century pioneer Rodolphe Töpffer, contemporary Japanese creators, George Herriman's.
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The System of Comics

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Indiscipline, or, The Condition of Comics Studies

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In this section, it is attempted to illuminate some basic terms relate to comics before moving on the functions of the frame. Both harboring visual and verbal artistry, lexicography of comics and graphic novel studies mostly share common characteristics with those of art and semiology. This notion intrinsically invites the adherence of inter-disciplinary approaches and theoretical association between other mediums.

Thus, the proceeding terms are mainly borrowed or altered ones. Panel Panel is the basic unit in a comics page, which boxes and lines up the words and images. It functions as an outliner and forms the basic sequential element of comics storytelling. Each single panel or panels found in rows can be encircled by a panel frame, or not. Frame Frame basically narrows and limits the perception of the reader. It represents and conveys the story line as well as narrative elements in a panel or in a row of panels. It is also possible to find frameless panels.

Hyperframe Hyperframe enframes all the panels which are located on a comics page. It functions as an outliner and can be represented explicitly or implicitly. This application brings out the presence of more than one enframed dispositions. Waffle-iron grid When the frames are identical and share the same horizontal and vertical size, they are called waffle-iron grid.

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In this particular type, the panels might be nine or twelve in number. The term is used by Groensteen to indicate the type of page-layout mise en page. Gutter Gutter is the place between two panels. It can be separated within the borders of a frame or not. The basic function of a gutter is to free the imagination of the reader. It invites the addressee to develop some schematic processing whilst crossing over or passing through the panels.

Closure Closure can be defined as a proceeding, wherein a reader actively and schematically contributes to the meaning-making procedure. In other words, it is a blank which is deliberately left to create sequential flow and progressive suspension throughout narration. He also develops six types of closure depending on the mode of page distribution. Embodied simulation and visual perception of Gestaltian theories are used to link the function and highlight the suggestive contribution of the closure in reading comics. Social causality and schemas leading us to connect the actions with possible outcomes are crucial in reading visual and verbal narrative.

Thus, implications and signals drawn out from given symbolic and textual codes have a directory and guiding nature.

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Dynamic, veridical and schematic expectations that are linked to long-term memory arise to unfold typical situation. It is also crucial to note that inferences are directly linked to clues and vice versa. This interaction urgently and cogently attributes to the meaning-making procedure, in other words; it enhances the collaboration between closure and gutter. Suggestiveness and inferential function of the symbolic codes and intertextual codes point out what does or what might proceed next.

This also makes a lively contribution to the stillness of a painting and broadens its exposition. Captions Captions are the boxes or any other notes which are not framed but also not included in the speech balloons. They mainly provide background information relate to setting, mode, description, etc.